The construction of the RDR Italia frame

Tubazioni RDR Italia

The pipes

Our tubes are produced with top quality carbon fiber directly in our Italian workplace. The product resulting from our carbon fiber processing is light and sturdy, and it embodies the compromise between lightness, stifness and comfort perfectly.

Messa in dima dei telai RDR Italia

The template

Tubes are cut, milled and glued on a mask according to the measures our client requested. This particular technique of frame building is called tube-to-tube.

Procedimento di fasciatura dei telai RDR Italia

The bandage

Once the tubes are glued, they are wrapped together with prepregnated carbon fiber layers. This process is mandatory to the building of a high performing frame.

Tubazioni RDR Italia

The autoclave

After bandaging, our frames are heated at 130 C° in an autoclave for about three hours. The heat clears all impurities and air bubbles stuck in the frame itself. This kind of temperature is necessary in order to polimerize all carbon fiber before going through the finishing process.

Procedimento di rifinitura dei telai RDR Italia

The finishing

Going under the finishing process, our frames are hand sanded to achieve the best possible conditions, making them ready to be painted.

Procedimento di verniciatura dei telai RDR Italia

The painting

Our craftsmen take care of the painting process, following graphics and colours chosen by our clients.