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Who we are

Nicolas Jeantet, a former rider of the Mapei team that boasts national titles, and his father Vincenzo, after the many years spent on the racetracks, they decided to combine their experience and their skills in the creation of frames that can meet the needs of all biker. With the main objective to provide high quality products and cutting-edge, Nicolas and Vincenzo make use of feedback from athletes with the aim to realize their frames completely in Italy and with 100% Italian materials. By using the carbon high module T800 and the wisdom of the centuries-old tradition of Italian frame builders, RDR Italia produces its handlooms and tailored.
The objective of RDR Italia is therefore to stand out from the crowd by providing unique frames, personal and personalized in every detail; from the frame geometry, to his paintwork. This is why the selling and buying process always begins with a dialogue between the producer and the customer.

Why choose RDR Italia?


We believe that the pre-sales service is crucial; every purchase always begins with a dialogue between producer and customer, trying to discern the needs and habits of the rider so as to create a perfect product in every detail.


Our frames are made to measure and are designed according to the requirements and needs of the customer in order to provide to athletes a product with outstanding performance, or a soft and comfortable frame for an amateur. Our service also includes the personalization of the graphic, allowing you to create each time a unique product.

Test Ride

You can not decide the components to be mounted on your vehicle? You are not sure which frame may be more suited to your driving style? RDR Italia allows you to perform a test ride! Book now at info@rdritalia.it

After sales

The secret to having a always efficient bicycle is to have deep care and perform periodic maintenance. The frames RDR Italia, if properly used and respected are guaranteed for life.

Our team

Vincenzo JeantetFounder. He deals of the research and development department in addition to treating the sales sector. When he’s not in the company deals of the UCI Team RDR Italia.

Nicolas JeantetFounder. He follows the portion of the functional study, assembly and testing of the RDR Italia bikes. He manages the RDR Factory Point in Sarre.

Cristina GallerSales & Marketing Manager. She manages relationships with suppliers and customers. Closely follows the teams and athletes sponsored.

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